How Free Camping Changed the Way We Travel

If you're new around here, you may not know this - but in 2018... we spent 6 months traveling around the United States in our 1985 Toyota Coachmen mini motorhome. We get a lot of questions about how we financially made that happen... and the biggest factor in that was our ability to find free camping all over this great nation! Paying for 6 months of campsites would have been a major expense... so without that cost - we were able to make it a lot further on a lot less!

Lucky Americans!

Most people don't realize this, but as Americans - we are very VERY lucky! In the United States we have a massive amount of public lands available for everyone to use... for free! These include national forests, BLM land, and land managed by other agencies - all of which allow camping for various amounts of time for no cost. If I've already caught your attention, and you NEED to know how to locate these beautiful, free campsites - visit this page to get my Ultimate FREE Camping Guide....For Free!

Another amazing thing about all of the free camping available around the country, is that most of these spots are the most beautiful and remote locations you could imagine. All of our favorite campsites were not only free, but also serene, picturesque, and without noisy neighbors or campground rules. Having the ability to simply exist in nature with nothing but the supplies you drove in with is a pretty incredible feeling that we wouldn't have experienced without knowledge of these free campsites.

Our Favorite Free Campsites

In case I haven't done a good job of painting a picture for you - I just wanted to share some snapshots from our favorite free campsites around the United States!

Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming

This free campsite in Bighorn National Forest was the first that really enchanted me. Wyoming was our first stop in the land of vast landscapes, and every minute we spent in the Bighorns made the 2000 mile trek west worth it.

Yellowstone (North), Montana

This spot just outside of the Northeast entrance of Yellowstone was the most epic site we've ever stayed at. Aside from the ridiculously beautiful scenery, we also spent our time on the lookout for Grizzlies as the location was reported to be a good place to watch them from a safe distance (we, sadly, didn't see any!)

Mount Rainier, Washington

Some of our internet friends claimed that this was their favorite campsite ever - and when we arrived.. it was clear why! Located at the base of Mount Rainier, next to a river of clean, ice cold glacier water.. we were tucked just deep enough into the forest to remain hidden, but were close enough to the road that the ride in was a breeze!

Tonto National Forest, Arizona

This beautiful stop on the Apache Trail, just outside of Phoenix, AZ was completely by chance and turned out to one of the most peaceful and photogenic places we stayed during our entire trip.

"How Can I Find Free Campsites Too?"

If you are enchanted by vast landscapes like I am - you're probably planning your escape from society so, you too can experience these majestic free campsites! Lucky for you - I believe in sharing my knowledge... so I created the Ultimate FREE Camping Guide with everything you need to know about finding both free and cheap places to stay - along with a few tips, tricks, and guidelines. If you want to download this guide for Free - check out this page!!

Additionally, once you've received your FREE copy of the Ultimate FREE Camping Guide - you should check out my article about boondocking safety 101 to make sure you're exercising enough caution to have a great time!

Have you ever utilized any of our country's free campsites? If so, where did you find your favorite spot? Let us know in the comments!

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