Life After the Road: So, What's Next?

After what feels like an eternity, I'm back to writing. It's almost been 2 months since I've published a blog post - not due to lack to material (there's so much coming in 2019!!) - but more a lack of time and focus. (I also started a small jewelry business!)

After 6 solid months of living on the road, we're finally back home in Connecticut. As I write this, we're wrapping up day 11 of living the #houselife - and if I'm being honest... it's been really tricky navigating a life that I once felt so apprehensive to leave.

The Road Can be a Lonely Place

You see, when you travel in the way we did... it can be very awakening and incredible, but it can also be VERY isolating. Even though we had each other (and Suzy)... we didn't really keep in contact with many other people on a consistent basis. This wasn't a conscious choice - but when you're on a perpetual vacation... it becomes hard to relate to your people at home living the "normal" life. While we're worried about where we're going to find our next shower or how much oil our engine is burning daily (too much) - they're worried about drama at work, or finding the perfect house to buy.

So coming home and suddenly jumping back into the world of having my people close by has been a big change! Mostly amazing because I have the greatest people a girl could ever ask for... but also a little overwhelming because I've been in near solitude for half a year.

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Life After the Road: So, What's Next?

Another reason for feeling overwhelmed is the question, "So what's next?"

I can literally feel my eyes welling up with tears as I even type those words. (Anyone who knows me, knows this is very true.)

Because I don't really know what to do next.

After traveling 20,000 miles and exploring deserts, forests, and the depths of my consciousness - I'm left with more questions than I started with! Although our journey is over (for now), I feel as though we're just getting started on the right path. Trying to blend these experiences with my home life is a source of confusion and anxiety... even though, when I'm being rational and not letting my emotions run the show... I know that things WILL work out in the most perfect way possible. Because they always do.


Revelations from the Road

I thought traveling would answer my questions about what I'm supposed to be doing with this life... and in some ways - it definitely did. While spending time on the road, unencumbered by the obstacles of daily life and looking for fulfilling ways to pass the time - I reconnected with my inner artist. It's been a long-time goal of mine to sell my creations, and I've finally made it happen! That's something I'm proud of, that may not have happened had we not embarked on this journey.

In addition to connecting with my inner creator - I also learned how to be honest with myself.

Because living on the road brings up a lot of questions...

What DO I actually like? What is most important to me? What do I want my ideal life to look like? What's standing in my way?

....and also provides time to really think about the answers.

And figuring out the honest answers to questions like that is amazing and sucks at the same time. It's left me feeling like there's so many pieces of the puzzle to put together... but I'm already behind because I wanted it done, like.. yesterday. (Having patience is still a work in progress for me..)

Life Off the Road


So, for now - we're stationary nomads, living the #houselife. We may be here forever (most likely, not)...or maybe only for a little while. We really have no idea what's next for us.

What we DO know - is that we've been bit by the travel bug and that we absolutely loved living on the road, with the freedom to roam as we pleased. It's something that we'd do again tomorrow if we won the lottery. We'll be keeping this in mind as we make our next moves, because a life of abundant travel is something that is of the utmost importance to us.

#Houselife 2019

2019 will be an interesting year for us. We have big goals of knocking out student loan debt, growing my side hustles into profitable businesses, and embarking on some interesting creative endeavors. Maybe we'll even build another home on wheels - you really never know where life after the road will take you!

Have you ever traveled for a long time? How was your transition back to "normal life" - nomad friends...please tell!!

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